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Is in a nutshell, the framework that historically and statistically has been used by the best-in-class sales performers and industry leading companies to connect with their customers and at the same time, working to get to the top of their game in sales.

Over the past 100 years, industry leaders such as David Ogilvy, Ray Kroc, and Steve Jobs all intuitively and instinctively grew their organizations by following the four fundamentals that make up the REAL ABCs approach to connecting and building relationships with their clients.

More recently, companies like Hyundai and Pixar exemplified perfect execution of these timeless principles by increasing sales during the worst recession since the great depression.  Companies and individuals alike, regardless of economic conditions or corporate circumstances, have followed the framework to get to the top of their game.

If your goal is sales attainment then the standard, best-practice paint-by-numbers approach to selling is more than sufficient for most sales organizations.

If your goal however, is to cause a long-term behavior change, not just a temporary behavior modification, then the salesperson’s beliefs need to be challenged and transformed to be in line with what the best in the history of sales have adopted to consistently look down on their quotas.

Most of the programs that are out there, force the salesperson to follow some new 4-step, 5-step, paint by numbers, fill out this sheet, ask these questions approach.  They inform… We TRANSFORM sales cultures through a best-in-class framework to achieve high participation and consistent over-achievement of sales objectives.

Taking the principle of applying known successful action, we set the stage for every individual contributor to adopt a set of beliefs through a proven framework. We CAUSE every performer and sales leader to rely on stats and facts to improve their conversion rates across the entire sales process, while removing the obstacles that prevent them from consistent over-attainment and getting to the top of their game.

So often, we convince ourselves that we’re doing ‘ok’ because relative to everyone else, we’re head and shoulders above their performance.

Our point:  Top of the leader board isn’t the top of your game and discipline and wisdom without consistent accountability to a framework can cause even the best to stumble.

The story is a familiar one, the top 15% who sit atop of the leader board are so far and ahead of the rest of the sales organization, that they have the autonomy to do whatever it takes to keep bringing in consistent results.  The rest of the sales organization adopts a best-practice paint-by-numbers approach, while the best in class follow their instincts and intuition.

When we come in and transform a sales culture to adopt a framework that is aligned with those instincts, intuition and behavior, that’s when we start to see the top 15% challenge their own status quo.  More importantly, those people who have been sitting in the middle of the sales results board are also now equipped to get to the top of their game.

Start by scheduling a 30-minute consultation with one of our sales performance consultants in order to determine the best program for you, your organization and your sales objectives.