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You’ve just taken over an organization that’s struggling to consistently get to quota or perhaps you’ve been tasked to search for a sales program that can help set the stage for your organization to capture more market share. With all of the programs and tools available to help drive incremental lifts in sales, where does someone in your position even begin?

The basic assessment starts by first understanding the role within the role that sales leaders play when choosing a sales methodology. You’re a leader, but more importantly you’re also a coach. Which means that your role is to set the stage for your players to perform. Choosing a game plan that allows ALL of your players to operate from the same playbook is precisely why following another 5-step, fill out this colored sheet of paper approach is a step in the wrong direction.

The paint by numbers sales methods isn’t what will get most people to the top of their game. If it were, then 85% of sales organizations would be looking down at quota, not struggling to achieve quota.

Successful coaches get everyone playing from the same playbook, especially the superstars on the team. Ask yourself, “How many top producers follow a paint by numbers approach to building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with their clients?” The short answer, “they don’t”.

High performing teams all operate from the same playbook. Setting up a consultation with one of our sales performance consultants is the first step to delivering consistent over-performance at the team, branch, regional or national level.

We don’t know how long you’ve been in sales, or how many years you plan on staying in sales. All we know is that If we were starting out in sales, hit some bumps in the road, were in cruise control, or perhaps even coming up on retiring from sales, we would want those years, however many we have left, to be the most lucrative of our career. That’s the humble desire we have for everyone who attends a REAL ABC’s workshop.

We’d like you to consider the impact that the timeless relationship building principles covered in our workshops could have on your sales career and life, it’s time to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze. Our workshops take into consideration that training you on another 5-step, 7-steps to the close, paint by numbers, fill out this colored sheet of paper isn’t what will get most people to the top of their game. If it were, then 85% of sales organizations would be looking down at quota, not struggling to achieve quota.

The role of the REAL ABCs of selling isn’t to get you to drop what’s working. Or to abandon the things that have caused success up to this point in your career. The role of the REAL ABCs is to have you measure your approach or any methodology you’ve been exposed to against the known successful action of the greatest sales professionals in history.

Take a listen to the recent feedback under our testimonials page, or review some of the videos of our recent workshops and then sign up for, “The REAL ABCs of Selling: The Art of the Sales Professional” at the city closest to you. Or set up a consultation with one of our sale performance consultants to bring our programs in-house.

I remember making the decision to venture out on my own. Leaving the security of a multi-decades long career in corporate America meant 100% autonomy juxtaposed with conditions of a critical nature. Most evident was the absence of clients, steady revenue and people performing roles around me that allowed me to only focus on my core competencies. I want you to think back to that moment when you made the decision to start your own business. What have you learned since that first handshake with your first potential customer or since leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck?

As my old sales mentor Don used to tell me, ³If you had to learn everything firsthand, you¹d die stupid.² It was then that I embarked on a journey to get close enough to watch some of the greatest professionals of advertising, marketing and sales. The culmination of spending time with Jay Abraham or the likes of Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, John Wooden, or even getting close enough to watch David Ogilvy and others over the past 30 years all served to create a framework which has helped small businesses to large Fortune-500 companies stabilize, turn-around and lay a strong foundation for increasing revenue, taking care of their clients and hiring the right people for the right role, regardless of economic conditions.

We invite you to schedule a quick 30-minute consultation that will help us determine how our programs and the ³Art of the Start-up² workshops can benefit you and your organization. More importantly, you¹ll find out how our programs can set the stage for you or anyone in your organization to learn what the best in class across time have done to build a company that consistently over-achieves their sales goals and dominates their market.

-Caesar Kavadoy, Sales Artists, Inc.