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Statistically speaking, a sales manager’s average tenure according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics is 60% shorter when compared to their private sector counterparts in other roles. With an average of a three to four month ramp-up, and equal time on the back-end when the writing on the wall becomes clear that it’s time to look for another opportunity… the average 18-month tenure becomes 10-12 months of actual impact to the sales organization.

The stats and facts for the average salesperson’s tenure combined with the high attrition rates of their sales leaders, is a recipe for inconsistency, loss of momentum and ultimately is one of the chief contributors to the ups, downs and missed forecasts experienced by 85% of people carrying a sales quota, regardless of industry.

Our game plan is simple:  Get everyone on the same playbook.

The playbook we advocate for leaders is called C.L.I.M.B., which works hand-in-hand with The REAL ABCs of selling to transform cultures to not only consistently over-achieve, but to experience positive attrition.

History shows that players don’t always make the best coaches.  Take the game of basketball for instance.  In the entire history of the basketball hall of fame, only four players have made it both to the players’ hall of fame and coaches’ hall of fame.[1]  Similarly, we see a small percentage of great players transition into great managers in the sale profession.  Generally, the culprit is a “do what I did” approach in their leadership.  Unfortunately it’s difficult to scale the experiences, circumstances and market conditions that existed during the sales manager’s glory days.

Our program works to take that natural raw talent and combine it with a framework that allows the business leader to set the stage for their organization to:

  • Get salespeople to the top of their game, and the top of their earning potential.
  • Coach to and reinforce principles that reduce the time it takes to get to the client to a natural close.
  • Effectively identify and remove the obstacles and blind spots that prevent the salesperson from applying the best in class principles of all time to improve their conversion rates across the entire sales process.

The overall impact is an increase in tenure rates, a reduction of negative attrition rates and consistent over-achievement of their sales targets.

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