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The REAL ABCs of Selling: The Art of the Sales Professional

Introduces the salesperson to the top attributes, habits, and known-successful actions top sales professionals have used across all industries to consistently look down at quota.

The Art of the Sales Professional is designed so the most important components found in the sales approach used by top sales professionals are quickly introduced in order to then incorporate in real-world situations.  Salespeople and their leaders will learn the Role of a Sales Pro in order for the salesperson to build a game plan for getting to the top of their game in sales which always drives increases in revenue for their organization.  Additionally, the Workshop is built on the understanding that when coaching accompanies facilitation, significant sales improvements can be expected.

The Art of the Sales Professional provides a playbook from which the salespeople can operate, using their own personal style; the same playbook from which leaders can provide coaching, allowing everyone to work from the same page.  During the Art of the Sales Professional, Sales leaders (Coaches) will be equipped to hold their salespeople accountable for fulfilling their role as a sales pro and for applying the approach top sales pros consistently use to compress the time it takes to get to a natural close by:

  • focusing on activity that drives results,
  • running their realm of responsibility as a business, and
  • addressing the near- to long-term objectives of the client.

The REAL ABCs of Selling: The Art of the Conversation

Introduces the salesperson to best-in-class conversation techniques used by top interviewers worldwide to gain access to not just more information, but the type of information that allows salespeople to build a strong case for their solutions.

The Art of Conversation Workshop is designed so that salespeople can gain quick access to the top characteristics and components of best-in-class conversations in order that the salespeople can apply the same approach in their conversations with clients and prospects throughout the sales process, with an emphasis on the discovery/interview phase.  Through the effective use of coaching, salespeople will be held accountable for instituting a methodical approach to gathering information (having conversations) by:

  • transforming, stylizing and tailoring questions that ultimately help drive improved results from existing activities,
  • working on moving from simple transactional sales to complete corporate solutions that have a greater impact to the client’s business, increasing wallet share, and
  • addressing the concerns on the client’s mind that typically delay the implementation of the proposed solution.

The REAL ABCs of Selling: The Art of the Proposal

The Art of the Proposal builds on prior workshop results by taking the information collected through the pre-call, initial contact and interview stages and then coaching the sales rep to use the knowledge assets in the proposal stage to effectively lead the client to a natural close.

The Art of the Proposal Workshop is designed so that salespeople can provide a clear and compelling business case for the proposal in order to help the client immediately see how the proposed solution directly addresses their short-, mid-, and long-term needs while also helping them more quickly achieve top business goals.

Through the continual use of coaching, salespeople will be held accountable for ensuring all proposals are scrutinized in order to eliminate weaknesses and gaps, find missed opportunities, and most importantly to ensure the solution is directly tied to the top business goals of the client.

The sales rep and sales leader will leave with a strong, applicable level of understanding and tools they can use to employ the knowledge collected throughout the sales process, both strategically and tactically, to help their clients gain an advantage over their business objectives.

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